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Why will the United Arab Emirates be my choice?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most dreamy countries in the world to do business and trade. The presence of zero percent tax in the UAE has caused a large number of international businesses to be active in Dubai and other areas of the UAE.

UAE consists of 7 sheikhdoms

The sheikhdoms of the United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi



Ras Al Khaimah



Umm al-Quwain

Types of accommodation in the United Arab Emirates

Obtaining residence through company registration and business start-up

Obtaining residence through the purchase of property and apartments

Obtaining residency through education

Obtaining residence through marriage

Obtaining residence through family affiliation

Obtaining residence for specialists and doctors

Obtaining permanent residence and UAE passport

Emirates VIP accommodation service

- Obtaining UAE residence as a VIP

- Doing all things as a VIP from the beginning

- The possibility of getting tickets and hotels and a pleasant stay in the emirate of Dubai

Tips that will complete your knowledge before taking any action to obtain UAE residence

In general, it is possible to obtain UAE residence in various ways, including buying a house, registering a company, studying, working, marrying, and family affiliations.

In expressing these contents, we intend to tell you the facts about obtaining a residence in the UAE, away from any unrealistic advertisements.

Because many of the contents published on websites and social networks about residence in the UAE are either advertising lies or they do not tell the whole truth about obtaining a residence in the UAE.

Therefore, we will try to examine the methods of obtaining UAE residence along with its disadvantages and advantages and increase your awareness in this field.

At first, we will discuss whether it is possible to obtain a permanent residence of the UAE or obtain a passport of the UAE or not.

How to get a UAE passport or obtain a permanent residence in the UAE

At the very beginning, we must say that the UAE has very strict policies in the field of granting passports to immigrants, or rather, it is better to say that the UAE does not have any immigration policy to grant passports to foreign citizens.

Most residence permits issued to citizens of foreign countries are mostly 2-year and renewable, and there is no such thing as permanent residence in the UAE.

Foreign citizens who receive UAE residency must renew their residency every two years.

Although generally there is no particular problem in the field of extending UAE residence, but claiming that you can get UAE passport or UAE permanent residence in a short period of time is not measured and this will not be possible easily.

Obtaining UAE residence by any method is only a type of temporary and extendable residence.

Ways to get UAE residence

Frequently asked questions about obtaining UAE residency

Answer: Only if a foreign woman marries an Emirati man, it will be possible to obtain UAE residency under strict rules.

The marriage of a foreign man with an Emirati woman does not include obtaining residency.

Answer: The best way to get UAE and Dubai residency is to register a company in this country through the license partner structure. Because with a very small cost, you make your business global and in this way you can get UAE residency.

Answer: Currently, the UAE hardly issues work visas for Iranians. Working in Dubai and UAE requires an employer or sponsor. Due to the problems of working in the UAE, we do not recommend work migration to the UAE.

Answer: No, it is possible to get a UAE passport with the birth of a child in this country only under certain conditions and it is not general.

Answer: Yes. By obtaining UAE residency through a license partner, you can also get residency for your family and take your family with you.

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